Coral reefs are dying out quickly due to rising water temperatures. This campaign mimics the effects that human consumption has on coral through real life acts by partnering with Pantone and Ikea to create the Coral Reef Collection using Pantone’s 2019 color of the year - Living Coral.

Insight: People only feel bad about things once the damage is done

There will be an added navigation button, “Take me under the sea” to Ikea’s homepage for a limited time


After clicking “Take me under the sea” you will be directed to the landing page of Coral Reef Collection

dishwarepage copy.jpg
lampshadepage copy.jpg

The product will additionally come with a Pantone color swatch, displaying the different phases that coral goes through as it undergoes rising temperatures


As the consumer starts to use their coral designed products, the fading begins and the buzz starts to generate

The campaign will conclude with three sponsored Instagram posts from Pantone

AD: Jordyn Silver

CW: Heather Noblett